pumpkin patch (sorta)


we missed out on going to a big pumpkin patch this year, thanks to all the rain and a busy schedule. i was bummed about it, so i did what any normal rational person would do. i went to central market bought several over priced pumpkins and went to the botanical gardens for a photoshoot. lol. it rained early yesterday morning so everything was still soaking wet but at least i have some cute pictures of ashton with pumpkins. (right?)


"so, let me get this right. you're saying i shouldn't stick this nasty dirty pumpkin in my mouth?"



i love this one.


pumpkin patch



IMG_7393 copy

ashton waving at strangers. he just started doing this, this week.


we made a stop to the japanese gardens first. i was hoping for some great fall color bokeh but it was difficult without an extra pair of hands to help (david). i will go back later and try again. he enjoyed eating rocks (freaked me out) and dirty leaves. yum. but at least his sweater is oh so cute. (it ended up being to warm for it).


ashton is such a charmer. i was down by the koi showing ashton the fish. i was throwing leaves in the water to get the fish(s) attention. ashton started copying me and throwing them in as well (such and observer!). this sweet old couple walked by and started taking pictures of us. then they gave ashton a handful of fish food to throw at the fish. of course ashton thought they were baby food, so i had to do it for him. he really enjoyed the fish.


he's also learned to look when i say "LOOK!". i've been using it to my advantage during pictures. i probably should lay off it for awhile. he's going to catch on there is nothing to look at. lol.


the dirty sock

a few more new things this week. ashton loves handing me things and feeding me cheerios. oh and pulling his socks off (such fun!). apparently ashton thought i should have his dirty sock that he just had in his mouth. LOL! there isn't a day that goes by the he doesn't crack me up! i love him!

he was going to be a super cute spring chicken for halloween but after trying to get his costume made we realized it just wasn't going to work. ashton hates feathers (flipping out hysterically kind of hate) and anything on his head. now i am stuck without a costume for ashton's first halloween. i have something else in mind but not sure if i will be able to finish it time for tonight. :o/. not enough hours in the day that's for sure!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos! such a handsome little man...he has the most beautiful eyes!!! what lens did you use?

  2. kerri. the ones with the pumpkins the 85mm 1.8 the ones at the bottom the 50mm 1.4

  3. Schatz..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures, his hair is growing so long. CAN'T WAIT to see my munchkin
    Love you all