on his own.

ashton was on his tummy inching around the house when he somehow pushed himself into a sitting position. i couldn't believe it. so proud of my little munchkin. (i needed to document this somehow before i forget later for his baby book) :o)

PS. i dropped a lens. it was a horrifying experience watching it bounce around on my floor. i still cringe when i think about it. now for a few pictures of our sweet boy who brings me joy and laughter everyday.

i dropped a lens.

who says the fridge can't be fun.

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  1. ooooh the refrigerator! ella has been eying ours too...open the door and there is LOTS to see!!!
    hope your lens is okay....just imagining the sound makes me cringe...you know the kind the makes your stomach hurt...and that is just imagining...lol...would hate to have it REALLY happen!