breakfast anyone?


it's completed!! sort of.

i made.

i finished the pattern set but i have another pancake collection i am working on (if only i could figure out how to make the fruit and whip cream gah). i have two other patterns, donuts and vegetables. i'm itching to make the donuts but i think i will tinker with the vegetable pattern next.

felt breakfast

i really love the strawberries. SO CUTE!
by the way. interested in making your own felt food this pattern is from buggabugs off

what is the deal with doors.

i know i say this often but ashton is amazing! everyday he notices an object in a new light. i enjoy watching him explore.

i have way too much fun

i love how when i build stacks of blocks he squeals with excitement as he scoots his way to knock them down.


i am so very very very blessed.

i love the smell of clean babies


  1. Love love love all the stuff that you make by hand. so incredible cute! Can I ask you where you got those blocks? So cheerful and fun....

  2. I am so smitten with those blocks as well! He is such a sweet little doll baby! He has so many amazing expressions!