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i bet many of you owned the fisher price chatter phone back in the day. i know i did. it was one of my favorite toys. found this one on ebay. it's an original 1966 version that came new with the original box (price tag says 2.80).


i know they make a replica of the toy found at walmart and target, but they are not exactly the same. this one has a wooden base with a lithograph (no paint) and is made 100% in the USA (both cords are longer as well). i honestly can NOT believe i even found a brand new original for a decent price. to say the least ashton has noticed it and has wanted to mess with it every day.


today i pretended to be talking on it and handed him the phone as i always do, and for the first time ever he knew what to do with it. he put it up to his ear! SO CUTE! i could melt all over again.


he's still trying to figure out how to turn the dial. he knows what it can do it's just too hard for his tiny fingers and busy brain to figure out.


the eyes and nose are his favorite feature. it's so funny how babies explore their world.


i have a deep hidden childhood love for this toy. i hope ashton loves it as much as i did back in the day. this little phone has a permanent home. i am NEVER giving this toy away. ever.



say it with me.. "awwwwwwwww poor baby". i tell you what. he has hit his head at least five times a day for a week now. he has begun to lift off with his feet (almost like he is in a downward dog position). push himself into a sitting position and is still trying to learn that when he looks up (he has had a fascination with ceilings lately) his heavy little head tips his entire body all the way back and *WHACK* ::cue the sad picture above::. this was taken about ten minutes after the floor greeting. it takes forever for him to recover unless there is a cat nearby.

and because i am using my blog as a reminder for his baby book. he started clicking his tongue yesterday.

oh and get ready for my next set of felt food. i have completed the breakfast set (pattern) i want to try to make some strawberry slices, blueberries, and banana slices for the pancakes (don't have a pattern for. sooo. yeah i'm hoping it turns out okay). i am addicted to making felt food. i love it!


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