the felt food has to go somewhere.

we are getting ashton a play kitchen for christmas or his birthday (january8th OMG!). i know i know. he's still a little baby and has no darn clue what a play kitchen is, but a lot of people who have 18months old have said their little boys LOVE their play kitchens.

after a month of browsing and reading all the reviews from over 10 kitchen play sets, i have finally narrowed down on two . now my problem is i can't figure out which one i really want to get him. what do you think?


i really like this one. i love the style, the color, the details (really really love the details). it's too cute for it's own good! it's also the right size. (the kitchen will go in our kitchen).

back to basics

by the way, they are the same price. this one has more features. the microwave, the extra room storage below etc. it's cute but IMO not as cute as the one above. it's also a little larger than i would like but would still fit the spot in the kitchen.

the more i look at them the more i want the first one but only because i really love the details.


  1. those are super cute. I think I like the first one best. I wish I had space for something like that, I bet Zachary would like it when he is a little older. boo to not having a bigger house/kitchen. :(

  2. I like that first one best too. But they are both lovely. We don't have the room for one ourselves, so I'll try to do the best I can setting up a play area in our kitchen somehow. Lucky Ashton!

  3. i like the first one as well...and it is like white :) i would pick which ever one you feel like you would want to look at everyday since you are putting it in the kitchen. good luck choosing!!!