a walk through the rain.

rainy day

so, this is how it went down around 4pm this afternoon.

david: "hey, i have a great idea. let's go take a walk around the neighborhood"
me: looks out the window "uh, it looks like rain"
david: "yeah, we have some time before it gets here"
me: looks again "i don't think so"
david: "sure we will. just one block.. we will be back before it even sprinkles"
me: "okay but i'm putting the rain cover on the stroller"
david: "i don't think you need to"
me: side eye

we get outside

david: "i think i might mow the lawn when i get back"
me: "it's going to rain"
david: "i'll have time"
me: "okay.. whatever"

1minute 45seconds later. it starts to POUR!!!!!!!!!! we are half away around the block!! lol

people watcher.

and yesterday i discovered a new park with a beautiful garden next to it. we didn't have time to fully walk around and enjoy since it was getting dark and the mosquitoes were really bad. i got a few shots of ashton in the leaves though. i want to go back and get more with my 85mm lens. there were also a ton of other photographers with kids out there and ashton was easily distracted. i will try early during the work week and see if we get lucky :o).



  1. Randomly stumbled upon your blog and love the photos. I also love the interactions you describe with your son- it's obviousl that you are an amazing mother!

  2. thank you that was really sweet of you to say :o)