i'm dreaming of a white christmas.

oh wait. that actually happened. hahahaha. i couldn't believe it but we had a white christmas down in texas this year. what are the ODDS of that ever happening?! that pretty much sums up ashton's perfect first christmas ever. it started on christmas eve when i headed out to do some last minute shopping (i know. i planned on doing something different and it failed. horribly.) and pick up ashton's new car seat (thanks MOM & mike!). when it started snowing! first it seemed like your typical flurries that texas gets every year. nothing big. just an hour or two of flurries. where nothing sticks and next day you're wearing shorts and flipflops again. boy, was i wrong. get ready for a play by play. i know my family (but mostly my mother) wants to see how it all went down for ashton's first christmas :o).


then it got worse.. much much worse.



by the time i got home we had two hours before we had to make it to david's family annual christmas party. thing is. i couldn't even pull into our own driveway, it was that icy. never the less, we packed up the car and the poor baby who didn't have a say in the matter and attempted to leave. we made it to the stop sign down the street and got stuck. so after we got out of that ordeal. we went back home and called it a day... missing the party and free food. we watched all the unfortunate people who had to drive in the weather on the news...



...and played christmas tunes (beat drum style) on our christmas gifts. my sweet next door neighbor brought over some sugar cookies that her kids decorated and some delicious homemade tamales the day before, which ended up being our christmas eve dinner. i called it a night around 9:30pm. santa was late putting gifts under our tree. i caught him at 8am this morning while ashton was getting a diaper change (he SLEPT the entire night without waking. too good to be true?).


doesn't david's bed head bring the lols? cute! ashton was excited! and not because he was chasing a cat. he knew, (i know he did), that today was a special day.

i love our christmas tree. i never blogged how we got it (i've been kinda sorta busy). we wanted to chop down our own tree this year (we have christmas tree farms in texas.. who knew!?) but ended up shopping at wal-mart. we went in on a friday where they had a butt load of noble firs (the kind we wanted if we had to buy a pre-cut tree). decided sunday we would get one and when we got there they only had ONE left. it came home with us. it's been a nice tree.. sheds a little but not nearly as much as the others we have had. smells nice. we had to buy all new ornaments that would be safe for ashton. (i.e. plastic. gah). we have four cats and glass ornaments were not happening this year. i went with a gingerbread/candy theme (of course). anyway. i really love our tree. i admire it everyday. i'll be sad when it gets picked up by the mulching crew.


we did something out of sync. typically this is the moment where we rip open our gifts in excitement but because of all the snow and the fact it was SUNNY and nice outside we decided to get out and take some nice shots before it all melted. maybe even build a snow man.


you can't tell but that is an inch of ice on the street! (thank goodness for snow boots)

isn't his sweater the CUTEST!?

frosty the snowman kept his promise
frosty the snowman kept his promise. he came back on christmas day! david did most of the building. ashton and i watched from inside, where it was warm, sipped apple cider, and munched on peppermint bark.

then finally, after lunch, and a nap for ashton, we were ready to open gifts. at 2pm.


a gift from santa. he has his own special wrapping paper (with santa on it). he loved this toy. he isn't walking alone yet. but he will (try) to push it while holding on to your hand and walking. it's actually quite comical to watch. hehe

next up..

..the cute wooden choo-choo train (and yes, i did just say that).

mama needed some new reading material. ashton doesn't really "get" reading yet. i read to him several times a day and sometimes i feel like i'm reading to myself. i hope he starts to love it as much as i do. he wasn't too happy with the books. in fact he seemed annoyed by them LOL. a classic. "the giving tree"

ashton's thinking "what is this.. more books?" hahaha. great classics imo. i love dr.suess. 'fried green eggs and ham', 'cat in the hat', and 'the best nest book'.

special gifts from his aunt ariane and uncle jon. love it. thank you!

stickers!!!! tons and tons of stickers!!!! he eats them right now. i have some practice stickers we are working with before he can use his good stickers (for art). but he still enjoyed getting it. this is when he started getting annoyed with unwrapping gifts.

legos!! i ordered this huge set. not thinking that it would be huge. well, it's huge (i know. made sense right?), it came in a ugly brown box (turns out it's wholesale for lego education but any joe can still buy them). it's a good price for how much comes in the set. could use better packaging though. what you see is how it arrived! he really loves legos (yes!). and ashton not enjoying unwrapping gifts anymore lol. oh no. poor kid. he has to un-wrap gifts. the horror!!! the HORROR!!! good thing there are bows to keep a kid happy! parents for the win!


so we switched gears. time for mommy and daddy to open some of their gifts.

so far he got new socks, undershirts, three stooges (volume 5.. david LOVES the stooges), and the bourne trilogy set.

back to ashton. woot woot.

david: "look ashton, a new BOOK"
ashton: "oh hell naw, these pine needles laying on the floor look like more fun!"
hahaha. i really hope he starts to enjoy story time... soon.. real soon.

this wooden car really caught his attention. he was grabbing at it before david even had a chance to get it out.

ashton lovesssss puzzles. he doesn't fully understand them yet. he knows the pieces can be pulled out and he knows they are supposed to go back on the board. he just doesn't get that they each have a spot etc. he still loves them though.

one of david's favorite beers. he had been eyeballing this gift set for a month. he wanted the glass ::eye roll:: hahaha.

another santa gift. i think this is when ashton finally realized what opening gifts meant. he was very eager to participate and even more when he saw what it was. (wooden beads!! cute right?! that santa sure does have great taste). see him pointing? one of these days that pointing finger is going to disappear. because i ate it.

clothes for david!

there he goes again with that finger. and am i seeing things right. is... he... showing interest.. in a BOOK?!!!!

a sign your kid is SO done opening gifts. david had to unwrap the rest. two sets (abc & 123) touch and feel flash cards.

my gifts! admit it.. how many of you are green with envy that i have a pioneer woman cookbook? hahaha just kidding. i love her. props to david for remembering i wanted a set of new mixing bowls.

the aftermath. david had it all cleaned and organized within 5mintues. he's pretty amazing.

his new set of wheels (he also got a cozy coupe car).

and just because this is freaking hilarious. i suppose he sat on a bow. he was crawling all over the place with it jiggling around.

when you know your kid is done with christmas until next year.


HI FROSTY! goodnight blogland. merry christmas to everyone. hope it was a good one!


  1. Love it, love it, love it schatz, feels almost like i was there.
    Love you guys

  2. this was so fun to read! i am going to eat all of the other 9 fingers when youre done with that one. UGH hes cute!

  3. your photos are amazing! my goal is to one day have pictures that even remotely resemble yours:) how do you get your colors so bright? do they come that way sooc or with editing? seriously beautiful!

  4. kace. all i did to these were brighten them a little in lightroom. when you brighten the image the colors pop for some reason. thank you for your sweet compliments. sometimes i look at them and feel like they aren't as good as they should be. so tanks for the boost!

  5. What a fun play-by-play... I so WISH I had photos like this from Christmas, but there was just so much chaos with all the family... haha!

    Love Ashton's little pedipeds... I'm a huge fan. ;)

    And The Napping House is one of my favorite kids' books! Have fun!
    Kimberly (fall-love on the bump)

  6. Are those legos Duplo? Can you tell me how you got the big box and the price?

  7. heather they are duplos. i got them on amazon. they were $74. here is the link