birthday party awesomeness

ashton turned a year old. i can't believe it. i still can't even believe i have a CHILD, a SON, a ONE YEAR OLD TODDLER! i can't even remember the year. wait. i remember nursing an ENTIRE year. i still can't believe that either. i didn't even think i would last 6 weeks nursing. nursing was quite the challenge for me but i am SO PROUD i stuck with it and still going strong. ashton shows no signs of wanting to wean anytime soon and i am looking forward to another year of nursing (my next goal). it's amazing how much a baby changes in a year. people with kids tell you that all the time but you don't even truly understand it until you have one yourself. anyway. happy birthday my sweet boy. LOVE YOU LOTS

camera details: canon rebel xti (how i wish i could get my hands on a 5D). tamron 17-50mm 2.8. shot on aperture priority (AV mode). only because parties are busy busy and i didn't want to fuss with manual. open wide at 2.8 (not the sharpest but i wanted LIGHT). ISO 200. no flash was used, all natural light.

party details..

it was a small get together. i wish i knew more people with kids. ashton LOVES kids.

party hat fail

the party hat i made for ashton and that he refused to wear :o(

i loved my streamers.

took me forever to make the streamers but i think they came out cute i am proud of them we bought one of those DIY helium balloon kits. i highly recommend them.


ashton loved his streamers too :o)


i made the banner.

no wise cracks on the inappropriate balloons ::side eye:: i wanted to use the small yellow balloons, but thanks to the crappy quality they kept popping, so i had to use the long yellow balloons. david insisted i take them down but i refused. they had TO MATCH (colors). LOL. and they do. they just. look.... like. uh.... never mind. i also made the banner. for a week i looked for birthday banners. i couldn't find one that i liked. so, i enlarged some font and printed it out on regular paper. cut it out and traced them onto colored card stock (cut out). then i punched holes on the top and threaded some string through the holes. VERY SIMPLE. anyone can do it. the hardest part is getting it centered but it worked out okay.


ashton LOVES balloons. which is why i decided to have a ton of them for his first birthday party. he ended up getting tangled while playing in them and crawled around the house attached to the balloons. quite comical.

the stupid balls that took me four days

the hand-dyed tissue balls. took me FOUR days.

smash cake

ashton's smash cake. i baked/decorated. i did a lot myself to save money.

yipee the cake!

happy birthday

he was quite upset that we wouldn't let him touch the flame. oh the horror!

"happy birthday to you"

however he LOVED being sung to.

just like his mama.

i was hoping he would smash his cake (hence the name. smash cake) but he picked at it instead.


"all done!"

ripping the cake apart and attempting to throw on the floor means "all done".

"miss anne"

our neighbor (8 years old) tied ashton's pull toy to his jeans so when he crawled around it would follow (obviously she has a little brother lol). i just wish i had thought of it first!

we had a lot of cake.

the ice cream birthday cake david just had to get.

rainbow birthday cupcakes

and my rainbow cupcakes i made but no one touched because the ice cream cake was a hit. :o(


i let the kids help ashton unwrap his gifts. he loved it all.. the attention from older kids and the new toys/books.

party guests

overall it was a success. ashton really enjoyed it which is all that matters.

my kid is ONE. ONEEEE! how did that happen?!?! so sad.


  1. i was wondering when you were going to post...you were mia for a while :) i don't stalk or anything!
    it looks like ashton had a wonderful birthday!!! ONE...what a fast year!!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY ASHTON!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday, Ashton! I always love your bright colors and beautiful light in your pictures.

  3. hahah kerri. i know, i have neglected my blog lately. it's been so busy and i've been so tired it's hard to get things done around here let alone blog lol. working on it.

  4. How did you make the streamers???
    Loved the party!!!

  5. My little girl is one day older then Ashton. I love following you blog, you take the best photos. I'm jealous of all your natural light. Our condo is north facing in Washington... not a lot of light:(. Those rainbow cupcakes look so good I might have to try and make them myself!

  6. looks like a fun party. my oldest daughter shares the same bday as your DS