nap training fail.

david and i have started to sleep train ashton (we are co-sleeping since i nurse and it's just easier. but now that ashton has started to crawl easily on all fours and stand up where ever he pleases we feel it's no longer safe for him to be sleeping in our bed). i tried getting him down for two hours for his nap. we are using the lady sleep shuffle method. you stay in the room with them and gradually move to the door. until they sleep by themselves. anyway. ashton spent one hour crying (my head hurts) and one hour fooling around in his crib. i was right up against the crib with my back facing him (when i was facing him it just seemed to upset him). he was rubbing my back softly when he stopped. i slowly got up and peeked into the crib to see if he was finally asleep. this is what i found...

sleep train fail





  1. That is so so funny. He is SO cute.

  2. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  3. Did you enter this in the "Sweet Dreams" photo contest? This is so precious!

  4. Berg: oh i would have entered it but the rules said a face had to be clearly visible. lol.

  5. Wow Ashton was tired! Tee Hee Ha! I laughed!