the father son bond

update to the last post about nap training. ashton has been sleeping in his crib as if it was no big deal. it took ONE night. few tears were shed (we opted for a method that wasn't CIO. i am surprised it worked). i couldn't believe it. so, early tonight this is what happened:

david: "do you put ashton in our bed anymore?"
me: "not since he has started pulling up on the rails"
david: "so does that mean he won't be in our bed anymore?"
me: "until he knows how to get down safely. nope"
david: "so the bed rails can come down?"
me: "sure go ahead. it would be nice to get into our bed normally"

i just walked into our bedroom for the first time since david un-installed our bed rails and my heart broke in a million pieces.

me: blank stare as i feel that deep empty pit feeling in my stomach. "i want the rails back. right now. put them back. NOW."
david: "why?"
me: "i think i am going to throw up" ::leaves the room::

WHY WHYYYYY do babies have to grow up? it's not fair!


the bottomless pit

dear ashton, you're growing up waaay too fast. sloooooooooow it down. thanks. xoxox mommy.


  1. I know it goes so fast! I don't normally comment on blogs - but I have to say I love your pictures! They are all so good!

  2. LOLZ im cracking up! you sound like me! it took me FOREVER to get the bassinet out of our room. i still have it.... dont think i will ever throw it away. they grow too fast it makes me crazy!

  3. it was about this time last year that i found your were pregnant and anticipating ashton's arrival. how fast the year went by!
    i felt the same way when we moved ella to her own room...throw up feelings and all.
    they DO grow up too fast!