the bankcard

christmas 2008 i accidentally left my FAVORITE and only wallet that held my life and two completed punched picomollo ice cream cards that i worked so hard to fill up and was saving for a rainy day in the williams-sonoma shopping bag. david then accidentally threw the bag in the dumpster thinking it was a bag of trash. 14 months later i still have not requested a new bankcard (or found a new wallet). i just take david's when i need it or go to the bank. but david is getting annoyed i take his bankcard and i am getting too lazy to go to the bank. so i guess it's time for me to get a new one. it sounds really pathetic but i haven't gotten one because our bankcards allow pictures. and well. i have SO MANY to chose from. i don't even know where to begin. i finally decided i will get one with newborn ashton on it. it will remind me how small he was and it goes way too fast.




david actually took the three shots above. he wasn't even a full 24hours old yet. so sweet.




IMG_7594-2 copy

this is the image i chose for my bankcard. now i just need to figure out black and white or color. what do you think?


  1. I vote color! I don't know how you choose between all of those great shots!

  2. gorgeous pics :)
    most definitely color. Good choice!!

  3. Color. I remember you posting that photo last year! So cute. And, I loved the footprint blankets we even bought them from the gift shop on the way out. Ah, so cute. That one photo looks just like a little version of Ashton with his blonde hair. Even at 1 day old you can see him and what he looks like today.