the water table.

have toddlers? get one. now. right now. they are amazing. ashton has been having issues during bath time. after trying all sorts of things, lower temp water, more toys, less toys, no toys, bubbles, no bubbles, different soap, big tub, little tub, etc. we realized he doesn't like water being poured on his head. we can get him calm and he will play but the second you pour water on his head he flips out. so we have been washing his hair with a wash rag. i plan on signing ashton up for some swim classes soon so i hope it will help. however, it's okay if he splashes water on his own head. ::shrug::

today was the first time he got to play with his water activity table. and i must say it's going to be coming out often. it's too cold to use outside but i threw down some over-sized beach towels in the ktichen and let him have at it and he went bezerk. it's been sitting in our living room since his birthday and he sort of just looks at it with a confused look and passes by it. now he walks by it and expects water to be in it lol.

we now have a use for beach towels

water table fun

water table fun

this last weekend we decided to check out the new and improved fort worth science & nature museum. it took over a year to finish and i am so happy they finished it in time for ashton to enjoy it. it's so much better than the one they had there before. we became members so we will be spending a lot of time there.

the *new* fort worth science & nature museum

elevator fun!

fun in the elevator!

their children's museum is way neat.

and they have a children's museum. super cute. i can see ashton spending hours and hours playing in it when he gets a little older. right now everything ends up in his mouth. :o/

touch touch touch touch touch

pat pat pat pat pat

ashton is now taking applications for a bestfriend. lol. he can't keep his hands off other kids.