it's HERE!

my new camera arrived today. i purchased used from adorama and i must say i am really impressed with how NEW it looks!

bottom line: i am in love! i am SO glad i decided to go with this camera! i am still figuring out all the settings. i wasn't able to play with it much today because ashton came down with a fever this morning and wouldn't nap in his crib. he insisted that i hold him.. for three hours. bless his little heart. nothing feels worse than having your baby not feel well. then the second david came home i thought i would be able to really play with my new camera, but all i wanted to do was take a nap. now it's too dark and ashton's in bed. i hope tomorrow he feels better and maybe i can really play with it.

i did get a few shots in. just real quick.


ashton eating cheerios. i didn't know how to work all the controls since the layout is a little different than the rebel. i just used AV mode and shot wide open (not the sharpest) ISO 400. photographers with full frames always tell you it's a different world with full frame. and it is. it feels RIGHT. with my 50mm it was like a whole new thing. i am really impressed with the results. i also shot a few test shots at ISO 1600 (the highest it goes) and i am REALLY impressed with the noise. much much much better than the rebel!

eek i hope tomorrow is a good day!

comparison shots, shot with david's point and shoot. i didn't want to mess up his settings so i just shot with whatever it was on. talk about bad. lol.





::sigh:: i love it!. ps. someday i am going to sand and restain that table. it looks horrible!


  1. WOW it's so much bigger! Im soooo jealous and excited for you!
    PS: feel better little Ashton

  2. hey, go into custom functions and turn on ISO expansion. you'll get L and H for your ISO which is 50 and 3200. :) it REALLY helps in either super bright or super dark conditions. seems like you know enough about nailing your exposures so if you can nail an exposure at 3200, the grain is manageable.

  3. You will NOT be disappointed. I LOVE my 5d. Love.

  4. i am playing catchup and SO LATE! (and of course reading posts from all over the place instead of in order)
    3rd dying...cheerio eating cute!