good bye 20's, hello 30's!

the longhorns were a hit
the texas longhorns were a hit!

i'm another year older and not one bit wiser. ashton's been sick for the last few days. nothing serious (thank goodness!), but he's been a lot of work lately. my birthday was no different. with his fever gone he now has a runny nose and a small cough that you hear every once in awhile (i think it's drainage). he seems to be uncomfortable but eats/drinks okay and when something interests him enough he's a happy boy which makes me a happy mommy. which is why i HAD to get him out of the house yesterday. i had planned on the zoo but ashton refused to take a decent nap. on the way to the zoo i realized that i didn't have much time to really stay there for very long and i was right by the fort worth stockyards so we made other plans. i'm so glad we did!

and since it was my 30th birthday i felt entitled to get myself a new action (because a new camera just wasn't enough). i don't normally use actions anymore, i prefer my own thing in lightroom, but every once in awhile i come across one that i just have to have. i really want this girls golden light action but it's not on sale until spring (boo!). her current one for sale, velvet, was only $5 and felt justified to it have around. you know.. just in case i do want it (later) and she stops selling it. what do you think? personally, my own opinion, i think the color version of the action would look much better with outdoor shots like she demonstrated. the grass here in texas is dead (or sleeping.. whatever). so i will wait and see if i end up loving it later.


velvet by jude action:
happy 30th birthday to me!
after ashton's (somewhat) nap. he was crying right before i took the picture, so he looks more sad than he really was.

or the black and white velvet conversion: which i like.
B & W

i also want to show off this book my mom got ashton for his birthday. books that grabs ashton's attention are the 'touch and feel' and 'pop-up' books. right now this ocean book is #1 with ashton. we used to have it on the shelf with his other books, since my mother said it was cheap enough for him to rip up, (she found it at costco for $7). however, after seeing ashton with it and how much loves it. it went up to the special book shelf that ashton will never be able to reach unless one of us adults are there with him :o)

the favorite book at the moment.

but this is my favorite part about the book. you see the (red) fish in the center? watch what happens to it:
it's magic! lol. they have a bug and wild animal collection that i plan on getting later for him.

so we went to the stockyards (as i said before). ashton reallly loved the longhorns. i have forgotten how much fun the stockyards are (and free!). we made it just in time for the cattle drive. ashton and i practiced walking around while waiting...

getting ready for the cattle drive.

then the show started:

cattle drive
did you know the longhorns horns are 6 feet LONG!?

the smiling horse!

and is this not the funniest thing you have seen a horse do? the cowboy was going around before the cattle drive, telling the horse to smile at the tourists. i so badly wanted a picture of it but ashton was out of his stroller walking around (not by himself), so i figured i would just get it next time when we came to visit. thankfully after the drive and ashton back in his stroller, i saw him just sitting there and asked him if i could take a picture of the smiling horse. lol. i want to frame it. it's so FUNNY to me.

then i came home to the best birthday surprise!

birthday bouquet

cats <3


david is the best husband! beautiful flowers, cute cat card (i love cats), and my favorite, a fruit tart. i wasn't expecting anything else than my camera (WHICH I LOVE!) but it really made my (hard) day with ashton so much better! thank you david!

SO delicious.

it was soooooooooooooooo delicious! rather surprising since most of the fruit isn't even in season!

and the bottomless pit made sure i shared it!

of course the bottomless pit had to have his share.

soo that's how my 30th year started. it was a rough start and ended up being one of the best birthday's ever!


  1. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30's ;-)

    Looking forward seeing you all in June!


  2. Schatz, you have an awsome husband!!
    I looove the stock yards and it is great to see that my munchkin does too.
    love all of you