being careful what you wish for.

"break please"

a few months ago ashton would bring me his toast to break up into smaller pieces. i remember thinking to myself that i couldn't WAIT until he figured it out for himself. then one day he figured it out and found myself missing him coming up to me to break his toast.. i was sad.

last week ashton started asking me to break his toast again. but this time i'm not wishing he figures it out. i hope he does it until he is 18! i think it's so cute. he comes up to me and sits there with his arm up until i take the toast and break it up. i'm happy again.

it's been a tough week. ashton got sick, then i got sick and it took over a week for us to be normal. now the weather is cruddy and i am aching to take some portraits of ashton. i just need a maid to come over and do the million loads of laundry and other chores i neglected while sick and a personal assistant to make sure my head is screwed on tight.

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  1. You have to be so careful what you wish for! Time goes by way too fast.

    I love these pictures. Such a simple thing makes him so happy, its cute!