feeling better.

all boy

at least better enough to enjoy some playtime in the backyard today, before an arctic cold front hits us (again.. another chance of snow tomorrow). i love snow but i would be lying if i didn't say i am ready for spring to arrive!



that hair!! lol. he is SO close to walking. he has already taken his first steps. we were unable to get it on film. it happens so fast and unexpectedly i am never fully prepared for it. he just needs some confidence. sometimes he loses his balance while standing. he catches himself but it upsets him. :o/


as odd as it sounds, today was the first time playing in our backyard. he has been back there before but not since he has been mobile. for some reason, and it could be just me, but i swear he had bird poop vision and bee-lined for it. gross. i need to figure out what kind of things we can do in our backyard. it's not really "kid friendly" right now. it has a slide that we got from our neighbors and that's pretty much it. unless you count the bird poop and the electric box thing (whatever it is. it looks dangerous therefor the best toy in the world according to ashton).



oh and bricks.


he kept licking them (???). kid needs to get out more!

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