the most amazing snow day!


we received over 12 inches of snow in a 24hour period. broke the 1964 record! everything looks so dreamy. i was telling david how i wish ashton could have been older to enjoy it (just for a day, then i want him back as a baby). he said that it will probably happen again next year. unlikely. last time was in 1964. i wasn't even BORN yet!


all the kids in our neighborhood are having so much fun! ashton loves watching them! every morning i open his blinds first (we have blackout drapes too) and typically ashton heads straight to his toys and starts playing. not today. today he got up and went straight for the window.



i really wanted to go to the botanical gardens to take pictures of the trees but as soon as i hit the road i realized it wasn't a very good idea and went back home. david said the roads are much much better today so i might take ashton out (even though the trees have lost their snow). he needs to get out anyway. he is driving his mommy batty today. :o)


pumpkin was interested in the snow but not enough to actually crawl around in it.



it was nice because david came home super early yesterday and left late for work this morning. it's always a nice break. not so nice starting monday though since i'm sure david will be up in his ears with car accident claims (darn you crazy drivers ;oP).

snowed in...

12hours later. i didn't think we would get more snow at night (it had been snowing for 24hours already!) so i took a picture right before ashton's bedtime. this morning i took another picture and sure enough, we got several more inches of snow during the night.


i just wanted another picture this morning of our house with the snow. when i was going through the images i noticed ashton in the window with a big smile on his face.

majorly cropped from the image above, (as you can tell) but i wanted to share it anyway. he kept waving at me from outside. so sweet!


next block over. people scooping snow off their driveways with tiny shovels lol. LOOK at all that SNOW! like i said it was an amazing snow day. i loved every minute of it!


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