"you're NOT looking!"

a month ago ashton started taking his first steps. i guess you can say he is sort of walking. he's at that stage where he can walk, but he doesn't have enough confidence to let go and "go". we have been working on building his confidence and it's taking some time. he really loves walking on asphalt. i don't really know why. so when i told david to go out in the middle of the road so i could get some shots, david was hesitant. "what if he falls?" he asked.. "he won't", i replied. typically this is where ashton takes off walking and you are jumping up and down inside with excitement. but today, instead of taking off walking like he normally does with me, he stood there with these huge saucers that are his eyes and lifted his chubby hand and pointed his finger (that someday i will eat) and said, "EH". which is ashton speak for "OMGOSH LOOK!".

SO close.Align Center


he stood there.. keeping his balance for about two mins. all while pointing and "EH"ing at everything he deemed worthy.


we could NOT get him to walk and david was trying so hard to get ashton to move forward but ashton wouldn't budge.


david: "let's walk"
ashton: "what's wrong with you people?!?! LOOK"


david: "i give up!"
ashton: "you're NOT looking!!!"


FINALLY! a step forward!


we rewarded him by going to the indoor playground. he is growing up way too fast. just a few weeks ago i couldn't get him to stop touching other kids. now he has no interest in them and just wants to play on the equipment. he is getting really good at climbing. he climbed his way to the top of a slide tonight (no pictures, maybe next time). he did it so effortlessly too! scared me to death the first time he did it.

things are changing...

PS. the last two shots were shot at ISO 1600. i didn't apply any noise reduction on them even though i should have. i can't believe how noise free this camera is! have i said how much i love my new camera? ;o)


  1. can i just say i find it strange that you have more snow on the ground in TX than i do in MA.
    he is just adorable as usual...we have an indoor playground near us too and i can not wait to take ella!

  2. thanks kerri! i am still amazed with how much snow we got. very twilight zone! lol

  3. omg,omg, i want my munchkin,NOW, before he grows up any more;0)
    Too cute schatzi, love your play by play. Can hardly wait til wednesday.
    love you all

  4. you really are a great photographer! not only are all your shots properly exposed, but your snow shots are PERFECTLY exposed. I know some "PRO" photographers who still can't figure out how to photograph an image with a person and snow in it like you can. I'm sure you're thinking about it already, but you should think harder about starting your own business. I think you'd do great!

  5. karen lisa. it's hard figuring out snow. i had a hard time up here in colorado trying to get it right lol. but thank you for you compliments and support, as always. :o)