visit to vail.

was amazing!! it's beautiful in the winter but even more gorgeous in the summer. we went for gelato and i must say, it was the best tasting gelato i have ever had in america.


after wards ashton discovered escalators.

he has discovered escalators...

we went up and down, up and down. and anytime we see one (such as the mall or airport) he demands we hitch a ride and throws a fit when it's time to go.


vail reminds me of germany for some reason.

visit to vail.

it started to snow. it was gorgeous! i know it looks like this image is washed out but it's actually steam from the heated pavement (fancy schmancy).


i love it when you turn to your awesome husband, tell him to get over by the statue and look cool, and he actually does it. haha.



stopped snowing and we continued with window shopping and enjoying the atmosphere. i kept smelling hot dogs. which is rather amazing since i have been severely congested all week!

IMG_7054 copy

ashton showed off his walking skills and his cute hat which gets SO MUCH attention.

IMG_7069 copy

and he made sure to let everyone know how displeased he was when i decided he should stop playing with the snow with his bare hands. i made sure to capture it. because that's what i do best :o) there was a very strong hot dog smell that was driving me nuts. i was SO hungry!


right around the corner there it was... i couldn't resist. i indulged on a $6 hot dog and enjoyed every moment of it in about two seconds flat.


thought this was pretty and snapped a picture of it. right after wards i enjoyed a crepe and hot chocolate. vail made me hungry for some reason lol.


bye bye vail.


it started snowing heavily on the way back to keystone. this is what i find amazing, because thirty minutes later.....


it stopped! that's copper mountain in the back.

i've been to colorado many times during the winter and it hardly ever snows while here. this year it's practically snowing every single day. (LOVE IT) david went back home on sunday. i miss him a ton! ashton and i are going to enjoy the rest of the week here in denver.


  1. Oh my gosh... THANK YOU! Vail is my home town. I was born and raised there, but moved away 10 years ago. I have been back, of course, but it's always felt a bit different to me... becoming more commercialized, etc. But you captured all the things I remember as a child! (Except for the heated pavement, that came several years ago!) When I read the comment about the hot dogs, I was going to post and say "that's because there's a red hot dog wagon at the top of Bridge Street!" but you FOUND it! And the jewelry store across from the Fur Store you took a few pictures in front of is my family's store!

    Anyway, thank you for recapturing some of "my" Vail for me!

    (I've been following your blog forever and am in love with your design sense and photography! And I'm an "Anne" too!)

  2. looks as though you all had a great time!!!
    ashton looks like a professional walker...that was quick!
    hope you have a great rest of the week with your mom!

  3. paige- i am so jealous you grew up in vail. lucky girl! we really enjoyed it!