we ♥ modern art.

from dali to escher. i favor surrealism over any other art out there. something about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. i enjoy other kinds of art. but modern art takes the cake. today we went to the denver art museum (DAM). it was one amazing afternoon. i just wish david could have been there. he finds the funniest things to say about modern art. it's like having your own personal comedian, (i'm one lucky gal). he would have really enjoyed it!



ashton was thrilled to be there. i wasn't sure how he would handle a museum. he absolutely positively loved it! the DAM has a children's section.




look at him GO! in the last week he has really stepped up his walking skillz. he can turn, balance, pretty much go wherever he likes now. he also knows how to demand i put the camera down and feed him.

then the worst thing happened. my camera died! (i know i know. this shouldn't have happened to me..... but it did). talk about a debbie downer! as soon as i saw the art i knew i would regret not charging my battery up, (that and buying an extra battery). the camera would turn on for a split second before dying so i ended up manually focusing,(since AF would take up too much time before the camera would die) turned the camera on real quick and SNAP a picture before the camera died. i did this throughout the visit. i was not able to view my images or change any of the settings on my camera. so this will explain why some of the images suck but i have to be honest. it was thrilling NOT knowing what i would find on my flashcard. i should do that more often lol. manually focusing, snapping one picture without viewing it after wards. :o) i also missed out taking pictures of all my favorite exhibits since we were short on time.

fun at the art museum.

my mother's favorite. this is only half of the exhibit. you walk through it. everything but the foxes were red. the food, red. the table setting, red. every----thing, red.


i passed by this several times before i realized it was a PAINTING! i could have sworn it was a photograph. but nope. oil and acrylic. there were several of these around the museum. she had PORES! freaking awesome!



my favorite exhibit. this is a HORRIBLE capture of it. the room was odd shaped (walls and ceiling). all white walls in a dark room. it was a massive room with several family sized black bean bags all over the floor. tons of projectors and lots of, well i'm not sure what to call it exactly, whatever is on the walls (sometimes it was words.. sometimes lines and/or dots). we sat in this room for a good 30 minutes. it was relaxing. ashton even enjoyed it! i tried capturing a silhouette of ashton on the screen (top image) but he dropped out of sight as i snapped it. but you can see me and the stroller! lol. i wish i had a full battery, i could have really gotten some great shots in this room. :o(


if i could re-do this shot i would have asked my mother to put ashton down and hold his hand. lol. but that's what you get for only getting one shot.



hello blurry! but this was a moment i had to share. we were in this room looking at art when ashton just decided he was leaving. he kept waving "bye" to us and continued to walk out of the room. we sat there laughing because he would wave without even looking back, but it was clear as day he was ditching us. i followed him (of course,) had one chance to get a shot and this was it. he was headed to the doors. four things amaze ashton more than anything, escalators, elevator buttons, stairs, and doors!! he will do whatever he can to get to any of those four things ,and if you dare pry him away, be ready for a temper tantrum. i am SO in for it.


this was a super duper fun exhibit. it was HUGE (you can't tell by the picture). inside are bungee cords. you walk in them. it was a BLAST. ashton had a fit when i disappeared into them. he tried to follow me but it was just too difficult for a one year old to handle.


did i mention ashton loves stairs? yeah. he only knows how to go up.


i thought he would enjoy the cars going under the bridge. in reality he didn't care.


by far the weirdest piece of art (and trust me there was tons i didn't get on camera). another room (only 2 out of 4 walls are shown). it was a pretty cool room. but the artist said it was, 'jesus in the hospital'. lol. i would point out the parts that are laugh out loud weird but it's highly inappropriate for me to mention on my blog with david and my family reading. this is when i really wished david was there. it was so bad, i loved it.


outside the museum. i know i said this already.. but it was a fun afternoon!

the stand in...

just pretend there is a cute little boy named ashton sitting where the water bottle is. it started raining/snowing with wind. ashton was tired and hungry and i didn't feel like it was worth getting him out of his cozy warm/dry bubble for a shot. so my wonderful water bottle volunteered. ;o)


  1. Love Dali too!

    Wow, I really hope I can go to this museum one day! It seems amazing!

  2. Love Ashton "ditching" you. Looks like you had a great time.