big FAT fail.


ashton refuses to drink cow milk. i've pretty much tried everything except for formula. i had some free stuff laying around (toddler formula) and thought i might try it. if he liked it i could mix it with some cow milk and wean him (don't get me wrong i enjoy nursing, but he is only nursing in the mornings, nap, and bedtime for short periods. hardly enough). it didn't exactly work out. he was begging for something to drink (pointing to his sippy cup on the counter) so i handed him the formula. he took one sip. looked confused... well more like, "WTH IS THIS CRAP?!", started coughing (slight gagging. i'm not kidding), and threw it across the floor. okay lol. that didn't go so well. but i thought i would leave it out for an hour just to make sure. after an hour and realizing the sippy cup i put it in has a tendency to leak, i went to pick it up before it leaked everywhere. i could not find it anywhere! i looked in his room. the kitchen anywhere ashton has access too. then i checked the oven drawer.. and there it was. ashton hid it. he has never hid anything before. i went to grab the camera (i document anything). ashton was still pointing to his sippy cup of water sitting on the counter and followed me into the kitchen thinking i was finally getting his message. he saw his other sippy cup where he left it and excitedly went to it.


i thought.. he was either going to drink MILK on his own OR i get to capture him gagging on it.


he didn't gag but he remembered how horrible it was. you can see the disgust all over his face (view sightly larger). he promptly placed the sippy back into the oven drawer..


and shut the drawer! LOL. i was laughing so hard. poor kid. ::sigh:: i don't know how i am going to get him to drink cow's milk. i ended up giving him some water where he drank as if he hadn't had water in ages.


  1. zachary has the same PJ's! they are too cute.

    that toddler formula looked like yuck. lol.

    have you tried rice milk? a friend of mine gives it to her daughter and she loves it! the pediatrician cleared it as an alternative. zachary also drinks soy milk on occasion - since he's lactose intolerant we give him lactaid milk, but when we're out, I get the soy milk that comes in the cartons that don't need to be refrigerated since it's so easy to travel with.

  2. THAT is absolutely hilarious! You could try almond milk or flavored soy milk. My stepson is lactose intolerant so we buy him very very vanilla soy milk by silk, Lily loves it too. I'm sure almond milk comes in flavors to but that's a little harder to find.

  3. i just realized i spelled big as BIT. man i am out of it lol. i haven't tried rice or soy milk yet. but i have tried some gerber stuff they had. it was some kind of diary beverage. it was sweetened/vanilla and he still didn't like it. my friend recommend i should put a little bit of milk with the water and gradually up the milk. i might try that. thanks for the tips!

  4. i am dying!!!! this is hysterical! i was not a milk fan ever...and still to this day i will gag if i have to drink a glass. good luck....maybe he will grow out of it?