happy st. patty's day!

happy st. patty's day!


i had something completely different in mind but ashton wasn't having any of it. so, $1 worth of stickers, white onesie, and a green blanket = st. patty's day pics. :o) which almost didn't even happen. ashton didn't want to sit still for the pictures. so i gave him a yummy earth sucker (above). btw. they are SO good and probably the healthiest suckers out there. they are made from 100% organic ingredients, no corn syrup, gluten, wheat, dye, tree nut, peanut, GMO, soy, and diary free. 100% natural flavors. i have a stash of them but i'm on a diet where i can't have sugar :o(. i probably shouldn't have given one to ashton because he was bouncing off the walls this evening and we only let him have it for a few minutes. ANYWAY. some outtakes. before and after the sucker. fun stuff i tell ya! they are never too young for a little bribery! ;o)



PS: a picture of ashton one year ago today ;o)

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