denver zoo.

i'm kinda sorta behind if you haven't noticed lol. i came home and it has been non-stop since i got here. blah. i feel like all i have been doing lately is processing images. finishing up my friends maternity (yes, still. i didn't take my external hard drive with me to colorado), and finishing up the rest of the colorado pictures really can take it out of a girl. ;o) that and the fact ashton is 99% walking now and into everything! can someone please explain to me why i am so fat? i feel like my entire day is a workout. what gives?! on that note. i gave up bread, pasta, and sugar. i have a thyroid disease so it's a lot harder losing weight but i realized i eat A LOT of bread, pasta, and sugar. i'm day three and so far the cravings aren't too bad until your friend shows you a picture of a cupcake or when your husband wants pasta for dinner :o/. i can do this. i know i can. more about it later.

anywaaaaaay. back to the denver zoo. we had fun. obviously.


oh man, i know i have said this before. but ashton's second year will be full of work. i just know it. right before i took this shot, there were two little boys looking at a tank (behind ashton). ashton (who walked the entire time at the zoo) gravitated towards them and pretended to know what the two boys were doing. then ashton decided he didn't want to share the tank view with them and started wedging himself in between the boys and the tank. ::sigh::. the two little boys decided they weren't putting up with his bossy ways and left (what he's looking at in the picture). he did the same thing to his cousin maddie while visiting my mom. if maddie was getting attention from opa or oma he made sure to change that!.

jealousy has started!



ashton really loves aquariums. i need to find some time to take him to dallas for the aquarium soon!



ashton discovered a bridge and wanted to keep going over it.



these monkeys were so CUTE. i showed them a lid (from one of ashton's food containers). they tried so hard to get the lid. these monkey's were smaller than my hand! i wanted to eat them they were so cute!


the very rare zoo squirrel.




"kitties!!!". ashton LOVES cats (we have four). he wouldn't even look at the animal unless we said "look at the kitty". even if it was an elephant. when he looked we would repeat the correct name. ha. you have to be smart like that.



something about the flight home. i was going to get over it. but after three days i am still thinking about it. i was really stressed about flying back home (alone with ashton). as most of you know i nurse. ashton doesn't like bottles and cow's milk in a sippy cup is still an issue. so i really like to have the window seat on a plane in case i have to nurse (ashton had already been on 7 flights and i have had to nurse on all of them). if i wasn't already stressed out enough, the airline screwed up and gave me an aisle seat, (i confirmed with the ticket agent when i checked in it was a window seat). no biggie i suppose. but it was the person i was sitting next to that topped the cake. she appeared to be normal and nice but i quickly found out i was sitting next to my worst nightmare. i sat ashton down in my seat so i could store my bags. she started talking to ashton:

stranger: "are you going to be a good little boy?"
me: "i sure hope so"

i sit down in my seat

stranger looks me straight in the eyes: "please feed him his bottle when we take off. one thing i can't stand is a screaming baby"
me: "oh i nurse"
stranger.... right IN FRONT of ashton who is ONE foot away from this person: "OH SH*T!".

i could not believe it!

i prayed. i begged God to please let ashton be a good baby. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase. i'm happy to report ashton slept the entire time (something he has NEVER done on a flight). but the lady and her husband decided they would talk louder than anyone else on the plane and all i kept thinking was, "lady if you want my baby to be quiet maybe you should shut that trashy mouth of yours".

okay maybe now i can get over it. 14 months of nursing and this was my first negative experience!


  1. what great shots! what lens did you use?

    i eat way to much carbs as well. i hear the first 2 weeks are the worst...i have never made it past day 3...FAIL!

    some people are just totally obnoxious! i am glad he slept.

  2. I love of these photos! Especially the tiger and lion! Beautiful.

  3. kerri i used the 50mm 1.4 :o) and thanks guys.

  4. great pics - found your blog today (via flickr's helping hand group)
    amazing how rude some people can be... thankfully I've only had positive experiences with the people around me when boy has had good flights and not so good ones (he's not quite a year and a half)
    you are way sweeter than I am...because I would have said what you were thinking...and maybe a couple other things too :)