rainy day fun at the museum.

another day at the museum.

i went to the movies by myself this morning to watch the disappointing 'alice in wonderland'. i hate going to the movies alone but it was also kind of nice. i might do that more often ;o). when i got home ashton was demanding to go outside (i'm not kidding.. he goes to the door and starts banging until you open it). too bad he didn't realize it was raining. we headed straight to the museum. where ashton owned it! i don't even think he knew we existed.

toddlers = smart

observing ashton learn cracks me up. if i show him something he typically doesn't care.... now if a "big kid" does something, he watches them very very closely, like a hawk. today, he kept watching the kids put their coffee filter/paper flying inventions in the wind tunnels. he pointed at them and went straight over to the toddler wind tunnel, picked up a piece of paper (the green one), and stuck it in the wind tunnel. just like a big kid. :ol ::wipes tear from eye:: ehem.. anyway

no bread, no pasta, no sugar.

i survived week one without bread, pasta, or sugar. i thought it would be a lot harder to follow but i did really well. i decided that from now on, as a reward to myself, to eat one carb meal (bread, pasta etc) on sunday. today we had mexican and it was SO GOOD. i was careful not to over-do it. i hope the second week is just as easy as the first! i can do this!


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