not quite what i was expecting...


got my new lens today (35L). not sure i love it as much as i did in the fall. kind of disappointing really. it's a great lens, sharp, beautiful color, overall perfect. but now that i used it on my full frame camera, i find it harder to get what i want. makes me miss my 50mm that much more. not sure what i plan on doing about it. i guess i could trade it for the 24-70L like i originally planned or buy back my 50mm (1.4 + fisheye? or maybe just the 50L). this is making me crazy. i'm hoping i fall madly in love with it before sunday. i wanted something wider and that's what i got but it's not what i thought it would be. does that make sense? lol. cuckoo-cuckoo!

ashton is addicted to the fish face. silly boy!

photo info:

canon 5D
35mm 1.4L

100 ISO


  1. love the 35L! it is on my list for someday. i personally LOVE primes...and i would have ALL primes if i had all the money in the world. but i recently bought the 24-70L. it covers all my bases for what i need at the moment. i am pretty happy with it so far. a huge change from the 50 i had been shooting with for the past few months on my 5d.
    i hear the 50L is pretty amazing.
    seriously...the fish face...I DIE!
    the new layout is looking wonderful!!!!

  2. I'm curious what you don't like about it since everyone I know raves about this lens. Were you focusing on his lips in this photo?
    1.4 is a tough aperture on any lens, I've heard that the sweet spot is usually around 3.5 but it depends on what you're shooting. :)

  3. morgan. the lens is perfect in every way (sharpness, color, speed etc). i'm not used to how wide the angle is. i had the 50mm and felt it was too long sometimes so i thought i would get the 35L and now it feels too wide LOL. but it's growing on me fast! i've decided to keep the lens for good! and yes i focused on his lips (on purpose). i love shooting wide open and even at 1.4 this baby is sharp!!