starting to fall in love...

with my new lens. ::giddy:: it's taking some time to get used to but i find myself realllllly enjoying it. i can tell a HUGE difference in image quality.

SOOC! i couldn't believe how rich in color all my images were!

today we headed to the zoo to renew our passes.. it amazes me how fast ashton changes. each time we visit the zoo he becomes even more aware and interested in everything.

does it shock anyone else how "big kid" ashton is walking in this picture? when i saw this i almost died! my baby is turning into a KID! :o/ he walked almost the entire time at the zoo! my legs are tired! but he loved it!

playing on the farmland at the zoo and cute farm mural.

then we headed to downtown where we are currently having our annual main street art festival. i love it so much. we missed it last year because we were moving into our house, and this year we didn't really get to enjoy it. it was packed and ashton was getting antsy, (he wanted to walk but with the massive crowds i wasn't comfortable with it). so we left after 45minutes. just enough time for me to get this panorama and some shots of ashton enjoying his first trip to the art festival.

fort worth, texas
i love making panoramas! with my new lens it's so much easier! this is actually 11 images fused together in CS3.

our beautiful courthouse! they were holding an open tour of it today but we couldn't get to it in time :o(.

enjoying the street performers

both boys ready to go home!

photo info:

canon 5D
35mm 1.4L

settings all over the place (i shot in AV) but i shot wide open for almost all shots (the panorama shot at 3.2). i wanted to see how well the lens worked wide open. i'm pretty pleased with the question this is a terrific lens. i just need to learn how to use it.


  1. Love the last picture- how sweet! :)

  2. berg. i do too!! it was a fluke. i couldn't look through the view finder to get it because we were walking and there were a million people behind us. so i just stuck up my camera and hit the shutter button crossing my fingers i got something! lol. i'm glad it turned out okay. i wish it was a little sharper though.

  3. the last picture is absolutely PRICELESS! i love reading [and seeing pictures!] of all the fun stuff you all go to together!

  4. Awsome pics schatz. I love,love,love that little fishy face :0)

    Love you all, Linda

  5. I think it did great things for you! There is such a difference with the L glass.