they're here!!


finally!.. texas bluebonnets. so in love. this is my first round.. because i wasn't too happy with what i got and plan on going back this evening to try again. don't get me wrong, i love the shots. ashton is my cutie pants i love even dorky shots of him but i plan on entering into the photography contest at the texas state fair this year and i really want a picture i feel good about. it didn't help that i had issues:

one. ashton was a big ol grumpy butt. he does not appreciate being plopped down into a field of flowers. don't let the sweet faces below fool you!


two. i had never really shot into direct sunlight before (to achieve back lighting, at least not on purpose). so i wasn't ready to see a ton of my images hazy. plus side. i figured out how to back-light without haze.

third. my stupid AFing wouldn't work correctly and i am assume it's because of the back-lighting situation that my sensor just couldn't pull itself together. so i shot manually focusing everything. even though i should have switched back to AF when i stopped shooting in direct sunlight. so in effect 60% of my images were OOF. and out of that ashton is crying or making faces equals to 60% of the 40% that were in focus. so yeah. i'm not happy that i ended up with a few images that were usable. i promised david we wouldn't be going back but i lied and i reserve the right to change my mind whenever i want. so there...


it wouldn't be such a big deal if i didn't have to drive an HOUR out in the middle of nowhere to get bluebonnets and indian paint brushes together in a large patch. but that's just the price you pay when you want something that you can't get in the city.




the only thing that turned out the way i wanted were the flowers. oh my gosh i love TEXAS! here's hoping to post better shots in the next few days. 

ETA: tonight (round 2) was a HUGE fail... ashton was 100% not in the mood for pictures tonight. i now feel blessed i was even able to get the above shots. i might try again with just bluebonnets (closer to home) this weekend.


  1. WOW!!! I want to go to Texas just to take pictures in the bluebonnets!!!

  2. any chance you might share a tip or two about how you eliminated the haze? i have been playing around lately with shooting toward light...i sometimes like the hazy/flare look but hate the loss of detail. would greatly appreciate your technique!

    so jealous! we have nothing of the sort here in MA. this might sound strange but the field of flowers reminds me of the poppies in the wizard of oz...looks magical

  3. These are some of my favorite shots of yours, and that's saying something. All of your photographs are always amazing!

  4. kerri.. instead of shooting straight into the light source. slightly position yourself on either side (right or left). but not too much or the light will just be side light and not back light.

  5. omgggg these are friggin amazing! honestly, I love flare haze actually, it is a part of my trademark style. ;) hehe.

    I think the color in these is absolutely fantastic and they are probably some of my favorite shots that you've taken. if not my absolute favorites. the first shot is AMAZING. and the last two - incredible. you rock!!!