15 month well visit...

15 month well visit!
he grew almost 3 inches in TWO months (31 3/4") and 24lbs of pure perfection :o). they pricked his toe for hemoglobin (it was low last time and have been giving him iron supplements). his iron is normal now.

art work hanging in our exam room.

be on the look out for a naked boy
hahaha. i changed a poopy diaper and went to throw it out/wash my hands before getting him dressed. i come back and see him trying to open the front door with my keys!


  1. So cute! My son is around the same height as yours at 19 months old, so my son's a bit small for his age :).

  2. I like the new look of your blog! and my son is crazy tall in comparison omg... he's 16 months now and he can already reach the bolt lock on our doors (scary).

  3. So, so cute! Love your blog:) These pics are great!