block party fun!

our neighborhood had a block party today.  i baked cookies for their "dessert cook off" which ended up being extremely disorganized, so it turned up as a dessert table. i sent david when the party began to drop off the cookies (ashton was napping). when we finally made it back, there was only one cookie left. they were so delicious! milk chocolate chip chocolate cookies. they are slightly under baked so they are gooey and FREAKING amazing!

bounce house love

they had face painting and two bounce houses. david looked at me like i had three eyes when i told him to take ashton into the bounce house. "but there are kids", he said... wow. what a concept. kids in bounce houses. what is the world coming to? lol.okay i kid i kid. let's just say... david is *very* protective of ashton. so every once in awhile, i have to push him out of his comfort zone. however, ashton LOVED IT. he had a blast. and yes, he jumped. as high as a 16month is capable of. it was very intentional and very amusing to watch.


david was brave enough to let ashton down the slide HIMSELF!! we're making progress!

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  1. I just love your blog and especially the great photos you take! =)