so much has happened in the last few weeks...

135L is very sharp

i just love playsuits

quick update:

1. my mom and mike came down to see ashton for a week. it was a ton of fun!
2. i did my very first newborn shoot! it went great and will share some pics soon! (i'm very proud of them)
3. david's parents came to visit a day after my mom and mike left.
4. david's dad built ashton the most beautiful sandbox i have ever seen in my entire life, (will post pics sometime soon). ashton's a very lucky boy!
5. i sold my 35L (i know, nuts right? i loved the lens and someday when i am rolling in money i will buy it back). i purchased a 135L (even nuttier?! this sucka is SHARP wide open and FAST! i don't think i have ever seen a lens focus as fast as this baby does!). and because the 135L is cheaper than the 35L, i might buy back my 50mm1.4 (omg!) or the sigma 50mm2.8 macro. not sure yet. my other lens is the 85mm so i need something a little wider ::grins::
6. one of our favorite cats ran away, abducted, or killed. our cats are strictly indoors pets. but every once in awhile, (with our supervision) we let them out in our backyard. once we go in, so do the cats. but we had guests for two weeks and we think he might have snuck out somehow. we haven't seen him since saturday! very sad. we can't stop thinking about him.
7. we leave for germany in a few weeks (omg X2).
8. ashton will have his first hair cut this weekend. (sobs).
9. i must make some playsuits for ashton. i bought the one he is wearing (above) at gap last summer (in the boy section, for all of you who think i dress ashton "girly" lol). he can dress like a boy when he's older. until then mommy is going to make sure he looks sweet and adorable for pictures HAHAHA.
10. PLEASE pray for my friend mandy! almost two weeks ago she woke up in extreme pain and unable to move her arm/neck. she just found out yesterday she needs to have surgery. she won't be able to move or do anything for 6 weeks after the surgery! and even then the dr's tell her it will be a long while before she is able to be back to her normal self.
11. ashton FINALLY got his first tooth a month ago and his second just popped up a few days ago! i can not believe it has taken this long for him to get teeth. but they are finally coming in!

well i think that is all. for now anyway :o)

the end.


  1. a couple of things.
    1. Ashton's skin is SO dreamy.
    2. i am excited to see your newborn photos!!!!
    3. can you PLEASE pass along to Mandy that I have been thinking of her and wondering how she is. and please let her know i will be thinking of her in the weeks to come. give her a hug for me!

  2. Anne, you know i love you so soo much. youre like a sister to me, even though i have two but whatever. you get me and i dont know know what i would do without our late night talks and our obsession for our little boys. thank you for all of your prayers. hug Ashton for me!