in a weird rut...

let me tell you something stupid..

i can't seem to make up my mind lately. it's causing anxiety. nightmares, can't sleep, i can't pick up my camera etc. which is pretty pathetic if you think about it. i need to buy the 24-70L but instead i bought a fisheye and a lensbaby. my only lens right now is the 85mm. in the last month i have bought and returned the 35l and 135L (both amazing). i knew and know that i need a mid-range zoom. which is why they were returned. so... can someone please tell me what possessed me to buy a FISHEYE (??!! random!) and a lensbaby (i'm actually wanting this lens. i've always wanted one. so i hope at least that works out). i keep staring at my order confirmation in disbelief). i can't return it and get the LENS that should be making it's way to my door in time for our trip to germany. i'm thinking about renting but what a waste of MONEY! ugh! you can't see me but i'm kicking myself right now. :o) it probably doesn't help my anxiety that ashton weaned himself a few days ago! my stomach aches every time i think about it! i cried too. (!!) i never thought i would be so emotional over something i should be proud of. i guess i was hoping/thought he would nurse until he was 2years but i guess 16months is just as good. :o/


  1. Can you provide the details on the lensbaby lens you have? I'd love to play with something like that. Thanks!

  2. sure! i bought the lensbaby composer and the accessory kit. i used the f/5.6 for the above shots. the composer is the middle priced one. they have a cheaper version called the muse. but it doesn't have the ability to stay in a locked "sweet spot" position like the composer does. it still takes amazing shots but it's just a lot harder to get them sharp. i also have the double optic (standard and comes with the composer). they make plastic and single optics as well (purchase separately) for more creative images.