lensbaby love...

i have a feeling this lens is going to be stuck to my camera for awhile lol. they are so much fun and i am so happy i ended up getting it! i also go the accessory kit (macro, telephoto, wide angle, and creative aperture set).

lensbaby <3


lens baby is pretty damn sharp!

tarrant county courthouse


i also got the fisheye (canon 15mm) in today. it's a pretty neat lens. i'm not sure how often i would use it and for the price, it's definitely not worth keeping. so, it's going back tomorrow. i wanted to take it with me to germany but david fears something will happen to it (i.e. i'll drop it) before then. so. back it goes. i just have to decide if i should get the zoom or not. :o/


  1. The lensbaby pics are awesome! GET THE 50MM!!!!!! I don't know why you sold it in the first place. It is hands down my fav lens. If you have an 85mm I do not think you need a zoom, at least right this second. Especially if the zoom is 24-70. SERIOUSLY. Get the 50mm. If you are traveling, the 50mm is all you need.

    I *have* a zoom and I NEVER use it. I mainly use my 50mm and 85mm and if my 35mm worked I would use it. I need to get it fixed. In the mean time I have to use my 24-105 to get the 35mm range, which I don't like as much because it only is f/4. Not fast enough for my liking!

  2. LOL karen. i am leaning towards the 50mm. do you own the 50L or 50mm1.4? even when i had a zoom with my cropped camera i hardly used it!