the best (imo) actions for a bargain.

i typically do my own editing in lightroom, it's my preferred method of editing (hello batch) and sometimes i finish up in CS3 with curves, levels etc to warm up and pop colors.  but every once in awhile i love to use actions for convenience. i have a couple of favorites, but one that really stands out are the 'actions by jude'. not only is she an amazing photographer, her actions are CHEAP ($5 a set)! and they are amazing (imo). easy to use & easy to tweak. before is the SOOC shot. i shot in RAW and opened in ACR instead of lightroom. the "after" is actually judes just released "golden light" action. my own edit (bottom) is what i would have done in CS3 (with my own workflow). "velvet color and b&w" "faded glory" are her two other sets she sells, (both $5). "golden light" will be released for sale shortly. she has a flickr group (private but anyone can join) where you can see examples of her actions from other photographers.

before & after - actions by jude



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  1. wow, i think this is the first time anyone has blogged my actions! thank you so much, you just made my day! i love your own edit too btw! i'll be linking this from my blog at some point. :)