i know what you are thinking...


what was i thinking right? haha. let me just say, clean up involved a scrub brush, ajax, a ton of water, and two days later ashton still looks jaundiced and there are baby foot/hand prints all over our patio LOL! but hey. it was FUN! david came home as i was about to clean him up. i was pretty sure david was going to flip out over the mess we made (it was on our backdoor, patio furniture all over the patio, baby foot/hand prints all over the place. it was MESSSY) but the first thing out of his mouth was, "i hope you got pictures of him looking like this". you bet your butt i did!

IMG_6442 copy

plus we made a cute card...


so it was worth it in the end. next time though. we will be painting in the grass and i hope ashton has gotten over (doubtful) the whole, "wow painting my body, white patio furniture, doors, walls, is a LOT of fun" phase. hehe


david enjoyed his father's day. we stayed home the entire weekend, did some grilling, and a TON of yard work (i'm starting to think david loves yard work). as for gifts, david finally got a keg for his kegarator (that he built a year ago). some new work pants, (exciting i know, but the boy will not shop for himself...) a dartboard for the garage, and a edger attachment for his weed whacker. i would have asked for camera gear :o/. ha.




it really was an amazing weekend. he is an awesome husband and the best dad ashton could have ever want. ashton is going through a phase where he wants to sit next to him all the time. follows him EVERYWHERE. the love they have for each other is the best thing to witness. i love both of them so much and some days i can't believe this is my life/family. we are so blessed. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the great dads out there!

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  1. OMG are we married to the same man? LOL

    My husband's DYING to have a kegerator so he can start brewing lagers.