adventures in keystone (part one)...

we have had an amazing time (as usual) here in keystone. i am blessed my mom and mike have a condo here. i filled up three CF cards so i have more to share later, (right now i am exhausted).

the weather has been awesome. it started off a bit cold but it warmed up nicely. not to hot, not to cold. just perfect. we decided to hike over to keystone village to let asthon play on their adorable playground, (a old western town, with jail and saloon etc. if i had a wider lens than the only lens i own right now [85mm] i would have taken a picture of it:o/) since the one across from the condo is being upgraded.


after ashton's nap we went to the "BBQ at the summit" festival in dillon, colorado. normally ashton loves bounce houses. now i think he has had enough until he is a little older. i picked the bounce house with the least amount of kids in it. wrongfully assuming when it would be our turn it would be around the same number/type of kids. instead ashton was stuck with about 7 older boys who ran around like crazy, full of sugar, monkeys. no big deal considering it is after all a bounce house, but ashton freaked out at the plain sight of a bounce house (today at a different event). bummer ha. oh well, plenty of time to love them again.


it's amazing how quickly they like something they normally didn't like before. like the blue balloon. ashton loves balloons. he never really liked them strapped to his wrist though. so when i tied it to his stroller i was surprised to see him begging to hold it. thinking it wouldn't last very long i tied it around his wrist where he left it for the entire night (2-3hrs?). that and corn on the cob.


this is when you know your toddler is D.O.N.E for the day! lol


and a beautiful dillon sunset in the side mirror..


i love the mountains! i really really do!

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  1. These are awesome! The second one is my favorite, lol. Seems like you guys are having a great summer.