a day at the denver children's museum...

with cousin maddy..

big girl
maddy is about to be a big sister. she is going to be a great little helper!

opa, look. come look!
ashton has started to show pride in things he can do or sees. here he was telling (not asking) opa to come see his favorite part of the museum. the store (below).

cashier of his own domain
they made binoculars. maddy was so proud she had to find ashton and show him hers. it was so cute.

IMG_0009 blog
big trucks = heaven for boys

i was amazed how well they played with each other.

budding artist
miss painter
we had fun painting...
cutest little princess
dressing up as the cutest little princess...
face says it all
and well, his face say's it all.

by the end of the day...

sleepy heads
they were POOPED!

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  1. hi..been following your blog for a while now- handsome kiddo you got there!!! still trying to figure out if you are american or german..i'm hungarian, my twins are 50/50...:) we just went to the children's museum for the first time, too, and it was so much fun!

    look forward to seeing many more great photos!!!