i am tired haha! i find myself busy all the time. i breastfeed on average 9 hours a day! that's like a full time job on it's self. never mind everything else i have to do. anyway. ashton had his two week appointment yesterday. he is a healthy little eater! he weighed 8lbs 3oz on his birthday, 7lbs 12oz at his one week appointment, and 8lbs 12oz at his two week. he is 50% in height, weight, and head circumference. which is sort of funny considering he was measuring 50% at his 21week sonogram. the nurse looked at him and said "you just have to be a perfectionist don't you?". my little capricorn. he is such a sweet baby. i can't stop saying how much i love him. i just want to eat him up sometimes. who am i kidding, i want to eat him all the time!

yesterday was a rough day. not only was it my 29th birthday, ashton was fussy and kept me up allllll night the night before, then refused to sleep during the day. i was beyond exhausted. thankfully he was good last night and i was finally able to catch up on some sleep. his wake periods are becoming more frequent and for longer stretches of time. this afternoon after i fed him (he was awake the entire time) i sat down with him to go through his focus book. he enjoyed it for 45mins. rocked him for another 15mins hoping to put him to sleep so i could finally have lunch but he refused to shut those beautiful eyes and instead stared at me the entire time. i ended up putting him in his swing (because OMGosh i was starving and couldn't wait one more second!) where it took another 20mins for him to drift off. i find myself wondering what else i should be doing with him. i hate for him to get bored, though he seemed to be enjoying today's activities. ::shrugs:: i really wanted to take him for a walk since it was such a beautiful warm day (and the weather forecasters say it will be our last for a while) but i still can't drive :o(.

a few days ago i started freaking out that i haven't even done my newborn shots of him (he's getting bigger everyday!). so i decided to do it. big mistake. he woke up within two mins and pooped all over himself before going into full on hysterics (going for the sleeping naked baby shots). i think i will try again sometime this weekend when david is here to help put him to sleep and keep him calm. david went back to work wednesday. i wasn't sure what to expect being home alone with ashton all day but it has gone pretty smoothly for the most part. just the extreme lack of sleep.

he lasted 2mins

testing the lighting before undressing him

mr. funny face

right after he pooped and right before his fit

i suppose he is comfortable

i suppose he is comfortable? no matter how often i fix his head, it ends up right back where it was.

in daddy's arms

he loves being in daddy's arms

such an innocent little face.

such an innocent face

look into the pretty camera

that's right, look into the pretty camera!


  1. I love your photos :) Benjamin (my 1 month old) does the same thing in the swing, and I always swear it can't be good for his neck!

    What type of camera do you use, and do you do photos professionally, or just as a hobby?

    Congrats, your baby is gorgeous! :)

  2. schatz..
    i just love your pictures,i look at my grandson everyday, he is the cutest. love you guys