ashton's first trip to the pediatrician

we found ashton a pediatrician the day before i had my c-section. we were very careful and researched all our choices before actually selecting a doctor. i am glad we did our homework. we LOVE our pediatrician. he came up to the hospital to see ashton when he was born. it was so busy and hectic that we only got to see him briefly.  today was our first real encounter with him and david and i both left feeling impressed and confident we made the right choice. i have had the best luck in finding the greatest of doctors. 

i was worried about ashton not gaining weight with me breastfeeding. breastfeeding all of a sudden has become extremely easy for me. so easy i sometimes question if i am doing it right since you hear so many bad stories/experiences from new mothers. ashton latches on like a pro and my milk is coming in very nicely. i really enjoy breastfeeding. i look forward to ashtons meal times. which is something i was not expecting at all. it made me feel good and gave me confidence hearing how well ashton is doing. 

david and i try to make an effort to get out of the house every single day. it supposedly helps with recovery. i thought the doctors were crazy when they told me to get up and get out and not to sit at home healing. getting out and walking has made it so much easier for me. i am starting to feel really good and the pain is going away more and more each and every day. i am able to sleep comfortably. everything is going smoothly and i worry it's just a fluke or something. doesn't matter, i will take it!

i am sad that ashton is already a week old. i want to rewind this week and re-live it all over again! i love being a mom. this is the best thing that has ever happened to me (and i have had a lot of best things happen in my life). i started slow on photographing ashton as it was nearly impossible for me to get in positions to take pictures of him nevermind find the energy. but now that i am feeling much better i am going to get serious about documenting his life. every single bit of it! i want to look back and remember every single detail about him! 

sleepy after a diaper change.

he has started to sleep through his diaper changes. which is much nicer compared to a few days ago. i can just imagine what our neighbors were thinking when he would scream bloody murder during diaper changes. 


my entire pregnancy i had wished for a thumbsucker. even though i believe this was a fluke and probably will never happen again, i am happy i was able to catch it and had my camera ready.

gassy smile

i love gassy smiles. it reminds me how much cuter (if that is even possible) he is going to be when he starts smiling

my two babies.

my two babies


  1. David and Anaa Marie, this is the most beautiful baby. Congrats!!! I know you two will be great parents.
    All my love,
    Auntie Sharon

  2. omg he is so cute!!! YAY for the breast feeding! I am so proud of you!!

    I just can't believe you and David are PARENTS!! I look at the pictures and I tear up every time. You two make the best parents in the world togather! :o)

    I lol'ed about the whole leaving the the store because of his cry. AWWWWWW I can remember being that way two years ago! LOL

    The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! He is just amazing..... you two are just amazing. So proud of all three of you!

    Hope you two are getting enough rest! Luv you soooo much!!