picture overload!

i could not contain myself tonight. ashton was alert and oh so freaking cute.

first night home

first night home. he lasted 5mins in his bed :o(

tired boy

one of the few times he didn't cry (cry=scream)

not to happy about my camera

over the moon

realllly tired

the soothie

he has the zoolander look down to a T

who needs TV

i love watching him sleep

so new he still has the tags on

love love love

finally sleeping in his amby bed

2 night home and he finally accepted his bed! i hope he continues to sleep in it. i really love our amby hammock bed.

oh yeah. he's a side sleeper.


  1. hes so adorable. i love how everything is white around him. his eyes are amazing. yall did good!!

  2. Wow! Anne Marie and David are really able to capture such great moments with Ashton! How exciting to be so blessed with this beautiful child! We are all so excited! Suzanne and Gary