such a good baby!

ashton must be getting ready for a growth spurt. he finishes both breasts and has been sleeping up a storm. slept 4hours, woke up for a feeding, slept 3hours, woke up for feeding, and then slept for another 2hours (in his swing!). it's nuts! i feel so refreshed and rested today thanks to all his sleeping. only issue is i have to rouse him to eat or finish eating. i had a rough night the night before where i just wanted to sleep all day yesterday. so, i am thankful for today. 

i feel great. i have stopped taking painkillers and finally able to do a lot of things. we purchased a swing for ashton. we decided not to get one due to the size of our apartment but after realizing ashton LOVES to be rocked 24/7 and found ourselves not being able to do anything else, we went out and got him a swing. i don't mind rocking him. in fact, i love rocking him, but once david goes back to work (this sad) i don't know how i will have time to do anything else. like eat and chores lol! so i hope it works out. he seems to be liking it so far. it's hard to tell what he likes and what he doesn't. i wasn't expecting a baby to be so fickle in the beginning but they really are! either way he is sooooo precious and i love all his quirks, the bad and the good!

the swing. :o)

his new swing!

working on focusing

he loves to focus on this book

sleepy head

it's no wonder i am so sleep deprived, i can't stop watching him sleep!

love his outfits. they meet.

i love all his cute little outfits. momo is very curious about ashton. always trying to get near him. 

i kiss him all the time.

those lips! i swear i kiss him way too much!

little hands.

little hands, so tiny, so perfect, so soft.

such a ham.

our little ham!


  1. u did some great shots/ I love all of them. i wish i could have been good like that, and take all those amazing pictures. he is so cute.

  2. Annemarie, This is Vicki (Tanna and Adrienne's Mom). Tanna showed me your blog and baby pics. Congratulation to you and David! Curtis and I think Ashton is so adorable. You take good pics and are a good writer, too.
    Take Care,
    Curtis and Vicki