sooooooo so so so so in love with him!

i was going through some pictures i took at the hospital. i swear i am (this close) to eating him! david and i were brave enough to take ashton to babiesrus tonight. it was almost a success when ashton started to cry while checking out. turns out he had a wet diaper. we overreacted and headed back home. i wasn't brave enough to take a newborn to the bathroom (lolz). it was nice to get out though. my feet (which have been swollen since the day after the c-section) thanked me! climbing stairs has been very easy and pain-free. 

funny story of the day. i was breastfeeding ashton (admiring him and rubbing his soft little head) when all of a sudden he pulled away and coughed (more like spewed) breastmilk all over my face. lovely.

how is it possible

last day at the hospital

this was taken on our last day at the hospital. david looks exhausted, little did he know it was only the beginning! lol


  1. aw he is cute, he looks so peaceful there asleep. and david looks like a natural. what color is his hair, it looks like a light red/brown. anyways it is adorable.

    good job mommy and daddy

  2. herzlichen glückwunsch zur geburt von euerem asthon wünscht oma, theresia, eugen, markus und stefanie aus aus deutschland. oma wird dich bald mal anrufen. viele grüsse

  3. OMG he is soooo adorable!! I have been away from the net for a few days soI didn't get to see these posts... but he is soooo cute!!

    Best wishes with the breast feeding... and I am glad to see that your home.... that was fast!! :o)

    Love you sooo much... Tanna

  4. Hey! I can't believe I am Uncle Zach! Really neat! Zach

  5. Hey you guys . . .

    What a beautiful baby! Congratulations! We look forward to seeing baby Ashton at one of the Brown-Laney get-togethers!

    We will be returning back to Texas from London tomorrow.

    What a blessing! Enjoy every moment - even the little mishaps . . .