it's a good time to be a first time home buyer

$8000 tax credit. hello! loving the new stimulus plan.

makes me feel better for waiting so long to get a house ha!

my mother has me worried sick something will happen and our deal will fall through though. (thanks mom!) lol. i am trying to stay positive though. we have the loan. the cash. and they accepted our offer. it looks good but darn it. the closing date couldn't come fast enough.

we took my mother to the house on sunday for a walk through before her flight back to denver. the first time david and i walked through the house we were sooo smitten with our first choice we didn't really give the house a good look. i must say I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! love it! sure the carpet needs to be replaced and some other things but it's such a beautiful nice home. and i can't wait to live in it! i can't believe we are going to be real homeowners. it feels so surreal. here are more pictures i took of the house. the quality isn't that great since we were in a hurry (my mom had a flight to catch) and the electricity wasn't turned on so i had to use horrible direct flash and my camera had a hard time focusing in the low light with the kit lens. ha. the house has great natural lighting when the blinds are open though.



entry way


entry way hallway


entry way into the kitchen from the hallway


trying to talk david into a new oven/stove. with our tax credit it should be possible.


baby ashton sleeping. this shows the three large windows in the living room!


living room.


eating area. you can see the laundry room and entry way into the two car garage


master bedroom. it looks smaller in the picture but it's actually a nice size. larger than our current bedroom. i opened the blinds to see how much light would be let in since it faces north. loooots of light! omg the natural light is awesome.


master bath. the tub has a huge window.


dual sinks!! this will be a lifesaver!


the masterbathroom has a seperate toilet.


ashton's bathroom


ashton's bedroom. sooo much light in this room


this room has one window to the left. i plan on making this my project room.


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