happy st.patty's day!

i am beyond stressed right now. to sum it up. ashton + moving = A LOT of work. tia. 

here are some pictures i took of ashton today. cuteness overload.

happy st.patty's day

8/365 :: missed another day

last one.


  1. haha! so cute!
    i love that even though you are stressed you took time to take some st pattys day pics!
    i love that baby!

  2. Hey girl, he is such a sweet baby
    my mom and i were wondering if you got your box, it sounds like you have been crazy with the house, i am excited for all of you email me i would love to hear from you
    love mindy

  3. <3 mindy <3 i sent this to your email as well. just in case.

    yes we got the package. we loved it! especially the homemade book. freaking adorable! i am a little slow in getting all my thankyou cards out lol (i'm a little slow in everything these days). but it's coming. i will call you soon. it's just been so hectic around here. i hope you are doing/feeling well. in the note your mother said yall were coming up here. i would love to see you guys. i want to come to lubbock someday soon as well. love you guys!

  4. I am not worried about a card you are way too busy silly! I am feeling pretty good 32weeks so at least i am on the downhill lol I can't get over how much Ashton looks like you. I hope you have a good week try to get some rest somehow love mindy