still kicking.

i have resorted back to my kit lens. i need a new zoom lens. i love my primes but they are hard to use for normal "snap shot" photography. too bad we spent all our money on a new fridge, oven, dishwasher, and elfa storage. lol. i guess i will just have to get my butt into gear once i move in to our house (if i am even able to get everything moved over there) and start selling my junk on ebay. right?! i really really really want a $$$ canon L series lens $$$. i am very impatient in waiting for that to happen so i might just settle for a tamaron lens. maybe in five years i will be able to finally own a L series lens. oh how i wish i was super rich. okay maybe not. we are very blessed and i am happy with what we were given/have. 

david's parents are coming in today! i am sooooo excited. they get to meet ashton for the first time and see our first house. and it also means our flooring is going to be installed (yipee) and the walls repainted (the current walls are dirty and are not washable) we ordered the flooring yesterday. moving over there has been a slow taunting task. i can only get things done when ashton goes to bed. so that means we are over at the house until about 1am-2am every day. i can't wait for all of this to be over. i finished my pantry! i am in love with my pantry! i bought some elfa storage and went to town on it. every time i walk by i make sure to stop for a few seconds and appreciate my new pantry. i love my kitchen. REALLY LOVE it and it's going to be even more awesome once we get all the new appliances in. we are so blessed to be able to afford beautiful new appliances. 

i am going to go into our appliances. if you don't care about that stuff i would suggest you to stop reading here :o).

my oma (grandmother) is buying us a washer. i can't wait for that to happen. i am so sick of paying $1.50 per load to wash all our stuff in crappy top loader washers that don't even get breastfed poop out. we plan on getting a front loader. i have researched front loaders for years. i really want a miele but they are just way to expensive for us (worth every penny if you can afford it though!). i need a washer that is energy efficient, doesn't waste water but also has an internal heater (to heat the water even hotter since our water heater is set at 120F for safety reasons). we plan on getting the bosch 500nexxt plus series.


it heats up the water to 170F to kill germs or 150F for heavily soiled items (awesome). it also needs a high spin speed. bosch is at 1100rpm which is pretty decent. this is important because it spins out A LOT of water making drying in a dryer faster which equals to less energy ($$$) used. (the government doesn't require dryers to be energy efficient.. have you ever noticed that they NEVER have the energy efficient tag inside to let you know how much it will cost to run in a year? yeah, well that's why). i am having david install a clothes line in our yard since i plan on taking advantage of the texas summer sun to dry our clothes and help save money. plus the sun is a great bleaching tool. every time i visit my family in germany they get our dingy dirty clothes WHITE. for the longest time i couldn't figure out why. it's because, a)they use a great washer with an internal heater, and b)they line dry in the sun. live and learn! 

oh and one more thing. ::steps on soap box::  i was researching reviews regarding this washer. a lot of people complained that front loaders take too long to wash their clothes. yeah that's normal. americans are so used to short washing periods and don't realize that clothes aren't really getting clean. TRUST ME you think your top loader is doing it's job. it isn't. every single time i go to my family in germany it shows us how dirty our clothes truly are! it takes A LONG time to completely wash your clothes correctly. so the hour or so that it takes to wash clothes in a front loader is normal and expected. that's what makes them so awesome! quit leaving bad reviews for something that is supposed to happen. tia! ::steps off soap box::

david and i purchased a fridge and oven from a sears outlet store the day we closed only to return it the next day. we weren't happy with it (didn't have that "feel good" feeling). i am soooo glad we did. we purchased our fridge and oven from lowe's yesterday. both samsung brand. wasn't intentional. it was just what we loved and the reviews for both items were pretty awesome. eek i have a true convection OVEN!!

ourfridge ourfridge2




i am going to love our new dishwasher. it's quiet. i hate loud dishwashers. i thought the one in our apartment was loud. our current one in the house is a million times worse. david and i were both taken back by how EXTREMELY loud it was. we could hardly hear ourselves talking lol. it could be just the fact the house is empty and has tall ceilings causing it to echo and sound louder. either way it was loud enough for us to want a  new one. 



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