i don't think i like this whole sleeping through the night business

ashton slept 5-6 hours twice last week. i was happy and thrilled because the much needed rest was awesome! well. i put him to bed at 9pm last night (though he was asleep at 8:30pm. i rocked him for an extra 30mins. i wanted to make sure he was asleep since david didn't sleep here last night). i woke up at 5:30am with super rock hard (painful) breasts and a really deep sickening feeling in my stomach when i realized that ashton hadn't woken up. i thought he had died or something. omg i will never forget this night. he slept almost 8 HOURS! i know they say you shouldn't wake a sleeping baby but i did. ashton is fine and ate like a pig. i think i prefer him to wake up several times a night. at least until this whole SIDS thing is over. for my sanity sake and boobs sake. 

now i can't go back to sleep. i pulled ashton into bed with me. i don't think i want him sleeping anymore today lol

i bet david won't believe me when i tell him he slept that long lol. david decided to stay at the house with his parents so he could work late and get up super early and start right away again. we managed to get the flooring out. (what a pain). david told me that the tile we are putting down is staying down forever. we had some ugly tile in the entry and they had to rent a tool that looked like a jack hammer to get it all up. we picked out our paint yesterday. i am going to paint ashton's room a super light blue. it was called "italian ice". oh la la. 

our new fridge and oven are now sitting in our garage! i can't wait to get the tile down in the kitchen so we can plug those in. lol. we pick up the dishwasher today. 

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  1. yay for ashton sleeping so well, but boo for your boobies hurting. ugh that hurts so bad!

    i am SO excited about your house. take pics! lots of 'em! i want to see everyting!