teething?! already?!

ashton has been a handful the last few days. real needy. cranky. moody. fussy. crying a ton. refuses the breast. gnawing on his fists. drooling. won't take naps. won't sleep at night. no fever though. at least not yet. i didn't think babies teethed this early but apparently they do. poor little boy. i'm calling the pedi tomorrow to make sure it is what it is and what i can do to help him. at first i thought maybe it could be a peanut allergy since i eat a lot of peanutbutter. i am still going to give up peanuts for awhile and see if that helps his eczema.

10/365 :: teething   


  1. oh no! is Ashton 3 mths? Peyton and Jayden both started drooling like crazy at 3 mths and didn't get teeth until about 8 or 9 mths. Peyton drooled so much he had to wear bibs ALL day long.

    I hope Ashton has an easy time with his gums getting ready for teeth to come in. he really is cute with those bubbles on his mouth!

  2. did they act all grumpy in the beginning even though their teeth didn't come in months later? i don't know what else could be causing him to act like this and all the drool.

  3. Aww yeah those are teeth bubbles.....hopefully the teething goes well....maybe you can try frozen wash clothes if he starts to need something on his gums. It worked with my Goddaughter when she was living with me.