sick boy :o(

ashton has a double ear infection. that explains the constant fussiness, refusing to nap (he sleeps through the night just fine), and slight loss of appetite. i can't imagine how long he has been in pain but i hope he starts to feel better soon. real soon!

double ear infection :o(

what's worse is that we are having great weather right now and it's supposed to get bad later this week when i'm sure ashton will be feeling better. :o/


  1. aww he looks so sad! Lily had a double ear infection a few months ago. It took a week before I noticed she was sick, and then it was WAY worse than I expected. Hope he gets better soon.

  2. bless his heart. i hope he feels better fast. hug him for me! youre a great mommy Anne!

  3. aw, I hope he's feeling better already. they look so sad & pathetic (and cute, right?) when they get that sick. poor thing!

  4. poor little bug. ella just came down with her 1st cold tonight...sick babies...breaks my heart. hope the little man is on the mend.