just another sunday...

started as usual with us running around town doing errands. first stop was the hardware store. ashton pushed the cart and squealed with delight, while stopping to wave "hi" at every little kid we passed.

i goofed off.

david showed off his $1 bills that had numbers in chronological order.

then we headed to sam's to pick up a few things and enjoy free food!

yogurt mustache
ashton insisted he feed himself yogurt samples. that was soooo fun to clean up after. :o/

then after ashton's nap we headed to the ballpark for a little bit of baseball fun. compliments of david's job. very generous, paid for food, fun games, and our tickets!

unfortunately, the game started while ashton was taking his nap. we didn't want to miss up his schedule/deal with a cranky baby, so we were an hour late. which ended up being great thing since we didn't have to pay $12 to park and no crowds/traffic!

we failed at keeping the home team hat on. at least i outsmarted him for one shot :o).

the view from our seats.

it was so delicious. i haven't had bread in forever!

and it's un-american to not eat peanuts at a baseball game.

i think david is loving my panoramas. he forced suggested i take a panorama from center field.

until next time! it was so much fun. i love baseball! apparently so does ashton, he was an awesome baby the entire time. clapping when the audience cheered. pointing to anything and everything. he was a blast.

we ended our beautiful sunday with chalk. messy stuff but so much fun. i love it!


  1. #1 Love your pictures
    #2 I want to upgrade my camera, STAT
    #3 Renting the 35mm this weekend, can't wait to try it out.